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We use a wide range of market leading Prochem machines and chemicals to ensure a hygienic and high quality finish. Heavy stains will be removed to leave a fresh smelling, clean and like new carpet. We provide domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services to customers in their homes or business premises.

We have recently invested in renowned machine the 'Endeavour 500.' With it's powerful two stage vacuum and 500psi pump, combined with Prochem cleaning chemicals it will tackle the heaviest of stains with complete ease.

Prochem Carpet Cleaners

Experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals. We have invested in the market leading highly renowned Prochem Steam Pro machine and the Prochem Galaxy machine. Both machines provide hot water extraction to ensure a high quality clean and fresh finish to carpets. The chemicals we use are safe to use on all materials of carpet including wool. Spillages such as wine, coffee, cosmetics and heavy stains can all be removed. We recommend cleaning high traffic areas of carpet at least every 6-9 months to retain the fresh and clean look. Our powerful carpet cleaners will remove not only dirt and stains built up over time but they will also rid most bacteria and dust mites from your carpet leaving it more hygienic.


You may breathe easier after carpet cleaning due to the erradication of dust mites which can cause breathing problems such as asthma. You will also be pleased to hear while cleaning your carpet we can also deep clean your mattress or upholstered sofa. The Prochem machine could bring up your mattress to look like new. Our specialist cleaning techniques could bring life to your vintage chair or freshen up and remove odours from your sofa. We are highly motivated in the latest carpet cleaning techniques we will ensure your home or businesses carpets and upholstery retain their optimal colour and appearance.

Clean complete removing stains from carpet

Clean Complete

We use Prochem carpet cleaning products.

Stain Removal

Our carpet cleaning specialist will visually inspect the carpet. They will then identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results. A choice of fragranced cleaning solutions are injected via high powered jet pumps deep into the carpet at a high pressure, the solution along with the dirt is then instantly extracted using a powerful 2 stage vacuum leaving minimal residue... Therefore faster drying times than many other industry carpet cleaners. Your carpet will look and feel like new.


Our friendly staff are happy to clean around you while your at home or in the workplace. However for your convenience we can also offer key security. Management will safely hold your keys for cleaning at a mutually arranged date and time. We thoroughly clean our machines inside and out after each contract to ensure maximum clean and hygienic results for each of our customers. We take pride in our work 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer competitive prices. We won't be beaten on price.


Prochem Professional Carpet Cleaners

Clean Complete Prochem Steempro carpet cleaning machine

Prochem Steampro 2000

Clean Complete Prochem endeavour carpet cleaning machine

Prochem Endeavour

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