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Truvox Floorcare

Clean Complete have heavily invested in high end Truvox Orbis duo rotary scrubbing machines. These machines are well engineered, multi-purpose and chosen for their versatility, various attachments and speed settings. The Truvox machine allow us to offer our customers all floor care services such as; deep cleaning, scrubbing, burnishing and polishing.

From deep cleaning of traffic areas to regular burnishing of high end polished finishes on wooden floors, Clean Complete staff are well practiced and trained in using the correct products and equipment, We will ensure hygienic and eye catching results on all floor types such as hardwood, vinyl and altro safety flooring. We are also trained in the maintenance and cleaning of specialist altro safety non slip flooring which is mainly used in healthcare settings.

Wooden floor polished and clean
Clean complete machine floor cleaning

Experienced Staff

We have extensive experience of polish application and the methods to undertake, to get the highest quality finishes. *Please note this work is best undertaken out of hours or during quieter / closed periods as this service can be a timely process to do correctly*.


We can combine these services with regular commercial cleaning work and create a bespoke yearly package for your premises.

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Truvox Floor Cleaners

Clean complete Truvox professional floor cleaning

Truvox Orbis Floor Cleaner